Manly women's field 4 turf teams and 2 grass teams.

Our 1s and 2s play in SWHL (Sydney Women's Hockey League) and our 3s and 4s play in the Sydney North Competition. These games are on Sundays at various grounds across Sydney with pitch locations changing weekly.

The grass teams play on a Saturday afternoon at Freshwater college from 2pm. This is a more sociable and local way of enjoying a good game of hockey and can suit the time poor of us!

We have varying standards and ages so if you are thinking about joining a club, or are new to the game, then please get in touch with the Women's Club Vice President, Fi Clark on

All turf and grass players are welcome to train on Wednesday at Ryde Hockey pitch 8:30pm to 10pm. We run a 30 minutes fitness session then have a 1 hour turf session with teams breaking off to train with their respective coaches.